Stellar Ledger


Stellar Ledger is part of the Stellar Network and a Distributed Ledger Technology

Stellar Ledger represents the state of the Stellar Network at a given point in time. Stellar Ledger contains the list of all the accounts and balances, all the orders in the distributed exchange, and any other data that persists.

The first ledger in the history of the network is called the genesis ledger.

Every Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) round, the network reaches consensus on which transaction set to apply to the last closed ledger; when the new set is applied, a new “last closed ledger” is defined.

Each ledger is cryptographically linked to a unique previous ledger, creating a historical ledger chain that goes back to the genesis ledger.

We define the sequence number of a ledger recursively:

  • Genesis ledger has sequence number 1
  • Ledger directly following a ledger with sequence number n has sequence number n+1

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