Story Point


Story Point is a arbitrary measure used by Agile Delivery Teams.

Story Point is used to measure the effort required to implement a User Story.

In simple terms its a number that tells the Delivery Teams how hard the User Story is. Hard could be related to complexity, Unknowns and effort.

In most cases a story point range is

  • 1 - Small
  • 2 - Medium
  • 4 - Large
  • 8 - Extra Large
  • 16 - Too Big?
Where the most common used series is the Fibonacci series .

Teams use a modifier version of this which looks like 1,2,3,5,13,40,100. The reason Mike Cohn suggest this is because the original sequence suggests mathematical accuracy and real projects are not like that.

Some teams use hours and some use days and some use weeks.

Story Point is generally only used in mature teams which know their "real" limitations.

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