Subentries (RFC 3672) From X.501 is a special kind of entry immediately subordinate to an administrative point.

Subentries contains attributes that pertain to a subtree (or subtree refinement) associated with its administrative point. The subentries and their administrative point are part of the same naming context.

A single Subentries may serve all or several aspects of administrative authority. Alternatively, a specific aspect of administrative authority may be handled through one or more of its own subentries.

Subentries in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) SHALL behave in accordance with X.501 unless noted otherwise in this specification. (RFC 3672)

In absence of the subentries control (detailed in Section 3), subentries SHALL NOT be considered in one-level and subtree scope search operations. For all other operations, including base scope search operations, subentries SHALL be considered.

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