SubordinateSubtree (draft-sermersheim-ldap-subordinate-scope) is an Internet Draft specification for LDAP Search Scopes that specifies that the Search Request which constrains the search scope to all subordinates of the named base object, and does not include the base object (as wholeSubtree does).

These reasons range from the obvious utility of allowing an DUA application the ability to exclude the base object from a wholeSubtree search scope, to distributed operation applications which require this scope for progressing search sub-operations resulting from an nssr DSE type reference.

The subordinateSubtree scope is applied to the SearchRequest.scope field, the <scope> type and alternately the <extension> type of the LDAP URL (RFC 2255) and may be applied to other specifications which include an LDAP Search Scope.

SubordinateSubtree is NOT an IANA Registry entry but is supported by several LDAP Server Implementations

A sample DIT illustrating the SubordinateSubtree scope with a search base DN of "dc=example,dc=com" is given below:

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