TV and Video Cables


TV and Video Cables

TV 6.1) SCART / EURO-AV (From Gerald Evans)

The pins have the following functions:

1Audio out B
2Audio in B
3Audio out A
4Audio ground
5Blue video ground
6Audio in A
7Blue video
8Function switching
9Green video ground
10Comms data line 2
11Green video
12Comms data line 1
13Red video ground
14Comms data ground
15Red video
17Video ground
18Blanking ground
19Composite video out OR Synchronization out
20Composite video in OR Synchronization in
21Common ground

The pin numbering on the plug is as follows:

\                                         |
 \  20  18  16  14  12  10  8   6   4   2 |  (case=21) 
  |   19  17  15  13  11   9   7   5   3  |
Note: This is as viewed from WIRING side.

Personally, I think SCART connectors are dreadful things. I mean, who really wants a 20 pin monster when only about 3 or 4 are ever used in any application. But it seems they are being forced upon us!

I think most VCRs just use the composite video (in+out) and the two sound channels (in+out stereo). By the way, quite a common fault with VCRs is that the scart socket gets disconnected from the PCB inside the machine. I have fixed 2 VCRs with this problem. It is not surprising really, because the leverage on the huge plug must be quite large if you pull it out carelessly etc.

The quicker SCART dies, the better, IMHO. (From horus@pmn.it)

Here is the SCART or EURO-AV or PeriteleVision Connector:

           _____________________            Pin             TV SCART
       20_| o o o o o o o o o o | 2        ----        --------------------
     21 o  o o o o o o o o o o  | 1          1         R Audio Out
        `-----------------------'            2         R Audio In
                                             3         L Audio Out
          SCART (RGB & CVBS)                 4         Audio GND
                                             5         Blue GND
  Video Output Level     : 1 V p-p +/-2 dB   6         L Audio In
  Video Output Impedance : 75 ohm            7         Blue Out
  Video Frequency Range  : 25Hz. - 4.8MHz    8         AV Status Out
                           (+/-1.5 dB)       9         Green GND
  Video De-emphasis(PAL) : to CCIR 405.1    10         Not Connected
                           (625 lines)      11         Green Out
                                            12         Not Connected
                                            13         Red GND
                                            14         Not Connected
                                            15         Red Out/SVHS Chroma Out
                                            16         RGB Status Out
                                            17         Video GND
                                            18         Ground
                                            19         Video Out
                                            20         Video In
                                            21         Ground (Casing)

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