Tagged Data


Tagged Data (X-NDS_SYNTAX of Net Address) is a LDAPSyntaxes (OID 2.16.840.1.113719. defined in Draft-sermersheim-nds-ldap-schema

Values in this syntax are encoded according to the following BNF:

   taggedData = uint32string "#" octetstring
Note that the data portion of the value is represented as an OctetString, which may contain non-printable characters. No character escapement is used in the octetstring.

The following ASN.1 data type is used to represent this syntax when transferred in BER form (see 4.1):

   taggedData ::= SEQUENCE {
        number  uint32,
        data    OCTET STRING

Attributes of this syntax match for equality if the number (using IntegerMatch ( and the data matches exactly.

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