Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification.

The word is also used as a count noun: a Taxonomy, or taxonomic scheme, is a particular classification.

The word finds its roots in the Greek τάξις, taxis (meaning 'order', 'arrangement') and νόμος, nomos ('law' or 'science').

Originally Taxonomy referred only to the classifying of organisms or a particular classification of organisms. In a wider, more general sense, it may refer to a classification of things or concepts, as well as to the principles underlying such a classification.

Taxonomy is different from meronomy which is dealing with the classification of parts of a whole.

Many taxonomies have a hierarchical structure, but this is not a requirement.

Taxonomy uses taxonomic units, known as taxa (singular taxon).

A Taxonomy is considered narrower than an ontology which apply a larger variety of relation types.

Folksonomy is a Sociality form of Taxonomy such as the use of #hashtag or @mention

Blinding Identity Taxonomy (BIT) is has the aim of providing needed common standards to help protect the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) about people, organizations, or things.

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