Technology-Enabled Relationship Management


Technology-Enabled Relationship Management (TERM) is strategies that attempt to define and perhaps manage Subject Relationships with technology.

Some of the important items to in Technology-Enabled Relationship Management:

Ian Glazer #

Traditional IAM techniques are not optimized for the world our industry faces—a world populated by innumerable things and the complicated interactions between people and those things. Such a world runs on relationships. As we enhance IAM to be vitally relevant in such a world, the question remains as to how we should guide it. (from his talk on The Laws of Relationships).

Gartner Said [1]#

The concept of forming one enterprise-wide view of the customer across all customer contact channels (i.e., sales, marketing, and customer service and support). It is a complex area, requiring complex solutions to problems of integration, data flow, data access and marketing strategy. A critical component is the database that serves as the customer information repository.

Phil Windley Said[2]#

In his blog Regaining Control of Our Data with User-Managed Access:

"User control is central tenant of any online world that most of us will want to live in. You don't have to consider things like surveillance-based marketing or devices that spy on us long to realize that a future that's an extrapolation of what we have now is a very real threat to personal autonomy and freedom."

A key part of the answer is developing protocols that make it easy to give control to users.

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