Tab Tests#

  • Identity Management Architect with considerable experience with:
    • Single Sign-on (SSO)
    • Federated Identity Management (SAML)
    • Higgins - Open Source Identity Framework (I-Card)
    • Role-based access control (RBAC)
    • Password Management
    • Provisioning and Credential Management.
    • Access Management Control
  • Strong Business and Technical Skills
  • Directory Services Architecture, LDAP Application integration and Implementation, custom LDAP schema.
  • Directory Meta Services: Novell Identity Manager (DirXML), Novell Access Manager (NAM), Microsoft's MIIS
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of Novell, Microsoft, and Internet networking design and architecture.
  • Hands on Novell IDM Development Experience
  • Hands on Novell Access Manager Experience
  • Developer of Custom IDM/LDAP Tools
  • Novell Certified NetWare Engineer (1990)
  • Novell Certified Directory Engineer
  • Novell Professional DeveloperNet member.
  • Novell Certified Sales Professional
  • Member Microsoft Developer Network.
  • Microsoft Metadirectory Server certified.
  • Information Systems Security Association

Professional Experience#

1990 – present, Independent Consultant#

Project Work: 2010-December - 2012-December, Identity and Access Manager Specialist, Abercrombie and Fitch#

  • Evaluate and Analyze Help Desk trouble tickets for Identity and Access Management
  • Develop and Implement Solutions
  • Design and Implement Access Manager and Identity Manager Improvements.

Project Work: October - January 2010, Identity Manager Specialist, Solidworks#

  • Assessment, recommendations and implementation for existing Identity Management Installation

Project Work: July - October 2010 Identity Manager Specialist, The Ohio State University#

  • Worked on large IDM Project

October 2003 – December 2005, Identity Manager Specialist, JP Morgan Chase (Bank One), Columbus, OH#

  • Identity Management and LDAP Architect for Organization.
  • Provided integration support for application developers for proper implementation of Authentication and RBAC integration.
  • Developed custom monitoring application for Identity Management infrastructure.

2000–2002 Directory Specialist, Lucent Worldwide Services, Columbus, OH#

  • Directory Design, Migration and implementation for large corporations.
  • Migration to Windows Active Directory from NT and Netware.

1997-1998 IT Architect, IBM Global Consulting, Columbus, OH#

  • Critical Network Resolution for large corporations.
  • Directory Design, Migration and implementation.
  • Network Performance and failure analysis

1993-1997 Director, KPMG Peat Marrwick, Ohio Valley, Columbus, OH#

  • Director for five state region including complete fiscal responsibility for budgeting.
  • Part of "Insiders" Consulting group which was used for consulting to other organizations..

Tim Edmonds, Senior Identity Management Specialist at Abercrombie and Fitch#

"Jim has the uncanny ability to take just about any technology thrown his way and adapt it to the business needs. New or experienced technologies are not an impediment, but a challenge. The business needs will be met, in a timely and effective manner. Meticulous detail and documentation are a hallmark with Jim. I learned a great deal working with him."

Shawn Torkelson, Managing Director at Synapse SE#

"Jim has worked with us on a number of identity management and directory architecture projects and I've heard nothing but flawless feedback regarding his performance."

Mark Reed, Time-Warner (CNN) #

Jim did some amazing work. He demonstrated deep knowledge of his field, but documented what he did so that those of us without his knowledge could understand what he was doing. Showed up at the crack of dawn every day, stayed as late as necessary, and got our project done in the ridiculously small time window and unusual constraints we had. I unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who needs help with Identity Management.

Bob Efferth, Consulting Principal at Novell, Inc.#

I have hired Jim several times to work with my most difficult or complex customers. Jim is highly technically knowledgeable and combines the unique abilities of an architect along with a detailed technical implementation specialist. His abilities are outstanding and I constantly seek opportunities to involve him in my most complex engagements. I would recommend Jim to anyone at any time!

David White, Asia Pacific Business Leader at IBM#

"Jim is an outstanding directory architect who can design, implement, and operate directory systems at the enterprise level."

Jerry Combs, Director, Architecture and Strategy Practice at Novell#

"Jim has a comprehensive understanding of directory technologies. His wide experience allows him to elegantly solve complex problems. If you need someone who understands cross platform directories then Jim is your man.”

John Larrison, Vice President, Senior Architect at JPMorgan Chase#

"Jim has excellent technical skills that he applies to develop solutions addressing the business and technical requirements of the assigned project. He is driven to deliver quality solutions and learns new skills quickly. I enjoyed working with Jim."

David McGlumphy, Franklin County Data Center #

"I had the opportunity to work with Jim on several projects while he worked for both IBM and INS, and would specifically request him when he was available. He is definitely one of the hardest working and intelligent experts I've worked with."

Chris Podraza, Director at Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services#

"Jim is possibly one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He is an asset to any team and an A-player. He is one of the people you go out of your way to get to make sure he is on your team."

Tim Burkey(info), Chief Information Officer.#

"I can give Jim an unqualified good reference. As I mentioned he has very strong skills and abilities in many areas of technology as well as overall business. He is one of the most dedicated, honest, hardworking people I have ever worked with."

Keith Bosscawen, Owner/Principle Consultant at BIT Solutions#

"Mr. Willeke has demonstrated extensive knowledge in Novell and third party products, particularly products dealing with the integration of multi-vendor systems and diverse protocols."

Dale T. Holmberg, Director Information Systems, Bradley Company#

"We first utilized your expert services on a chance call one Saturday morning. One of our servers hard drives failed. This was an "SOS" call since we were desperately trying to get our network operational for the following Monday. Not only did you solve our problem almost instantly, but, you convinced us we should use you for all our network related work."

Aaron Burgemeister, Engineer at Novell #

That's the neatest thing I've seen in a while...... that is the neatest and easiest-to-use thing I have seen in quite some time. Didn't even require me exporting a certificate (though the keystore is an option there). Worked perfectly the first time I even tried running it which is very impressive. Awesome job!

"Jim Willeke is a Novell regular in the forums/fora, and may be able to give you some pointers or a finished product depending on a lot of variables outside my control. I think he's a consultant (thus his site with tons of neat stuff on it) and may be able to create this application for you. Considering his skill, it'd probably take him a day to do it."

From: Martin Adams <Martin@pracom.com> Organization: Practical Communications Inc#

Subject: The Answer. Thank you Jim for the information about the . . . . I have been working on servers for over 7 years and this is the first time I ever saw this . . . HONEST! Everything is right again Thanks!

Author: John C Sens at KPMG CINCINNATI#

"I know for a fact, that all of us that you have worked with the past couple years in the OV, have found working with you, and the tons of knowledge that you have brought to us as individuals is invaluable. ..... I don't think I would be anywhere close to the awareness and knowledge level in the Network OS area without your guidance and assistance. I appreciate all of the extra time and effort you had spent with me, and with others. ....I will keep your legacy alive with the Novell initiative (I may have to call you from time to time), but feel I have a pretty solid foundation in this area to keep it on a successful track. John S. "

Melissa A. Centers, PMO Master Planner at State Auto#

To Whom it May Concern:

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Jim Willeke for a variety of technical positions.

After nearly a year with our directory services team, we have come to depend on Jim for a variety of key roles. Prior to his addition to our group, Jim was introduced as a member of the Lucent Technologies pre-sales team. His personable manner, vast experience and capacity to illustrate complex concepts in a "user friendly" manner made the decision to engage Jim easy.

Since his arrival, Jim's role on the Nationwide Enterprise Directory Services team has been threefold, and he has been an asset in every arena. These areas are: (1) design of directory services architecture; (2) transfer of knowledge and documentation; and (3) technical implementation.

Jim provides exceptional vision regarding our strategic directory services architecture and identifies many potential issues that could hinder our team's long-term success. As a supplement to this foresight, he offers solutions to circumvent the impact of these issues, from both a political and technical perspective.

In addition, Jim offers valuable insight from his experiences with other large organizations. This depth of knowledge, combined with his capacity to explain and decipher complex technologies, have added to the value and effectiveness of his technical documentation. Much of this documentation, combined with ongoing technical dialog and planning, offer exceptional training to our team and ensures thorough knowledge transfer.

In short, we have been pleased to have Jim as part of our program team and look forward to a continued relationship.