Threat Model


Threat Model (or Threat landscape) describes the capabilities that an attacker is assumed to be able to deploy against a resource. BCP 72

Threat Model should contain such information as the resources available to an attacker in terms of

Threat Model purpose is twofold. First, we wish to identify the threats we are concerned with. Second, we wish to rule some threats explicitly out of scope. Nearly every security system is vulnerable to a sufficiently dedicated and resourceful attacker.

Threat Model helps you identify Vulnerabilities to the entities you value and determine from whom you need to protect them. When building a threat model, answer these five questions:

For a closer look at each of these questions.

Threat Model reviews should be performed any time a Resource is created and periodically as Attacks and Vulnerabilities change over time.

Internet Threat Model#

Internet Threat Model is described in BCP 72 as a fairly well understood Threat Model.

Components of the Threat Model#

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