Token_type_hint is defined in the IANA Registry: OAuth Parameters Registry (IANA Registry) from OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation.

OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation (RFC 7009)#

Token_type_hint as an OPTIONAL hint about the type of the token submitted for Revocation Request. OAuth Clients MAY pass this parameter in order to help the Authorization Server to optimize the token lookup. If the server is unable to locate the token using the given hint, it MUST extend its search across all of its supported token types. An Authorization Server MAY ignore this parameter, particularly if it is able to detect the token type automatically. OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation (RFC 7009) defines two such values:

UMA 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization#

UMA 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization 3.7 Client Requests Token Revocation If the Authorization Server presents a Token revocation endpoint] as defined in RFC 7009, the client MAY use the endpoint to request revocation of an RPT (access token), refresh token, or PCT previously issued to it on behalf of a requesting party. This specification defines the following token type hint value:

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