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Unique Value Finder#

The token-unique-name does a good job but we were in need of a method that could:

Although we wrote for use with Novell's IDM and User Provisioning products (User App) we are sure there are uses.

Automated Password Self Service#

At the request of several clients, we have developed a semi-custom Automated Password Self Service (APASS) that provides most of the requirements to allow password self-Service for eDirectory.

SOAP DSML Driver And Application#

Our objective is to show how the SOAP driver could be utilized. The concepts resented here are based on a real-life production system. We used the Novell Identity Manager with an instance of the SOAP Driver to create a system that would use SOAP to allow user creations, modifications, searches and deletions.

Dump eDirectory Password Information Tool#

Novell's eDirectory Passwords infrastructure can be difficult to figure out. We needed a tool to debug various password policy and user entries regarding passwords.

The Dump Password Information Tool performs the following:

  • Dumps the user's Universal Password values
  • Dumps the information regarding the users Universal Password
  • Dumps the information regarding the users Simple Password
  • Dumps the information regarding the users NDS Password as it relates to the Universal Password
  • Provides additional information as to the account status

Group Fix Tool#

NDS Groups have some peculiar items that make adding a user to a group more difficult than it appears. See More Information On NDS Groups for the details.

The Group Fix tool will fix these "peculiar items" on a single or all groups.

LDIF Generator#

The LDIF Generator will generate random, fictitious, LDIF records that can be imported into LDAP server or other applications for testing.

LDAPTests Tool#

We create a lot of custom tools for clients when we are implementing LDAP directories. The LDAPTest tool is a collection of a couple of those tools we have found useful for determining the relative performance of an LDAP server.

Duplicate Attribute Value Locater Tool#

We have had several clients that want to know about entries that have attributes that contain duplicate values. We have written a tool that will locate the entries with duplicate values.

NIS to LDAP Tool#

We created this tool for use on our projects. The tool reads NIS directly from any client that can run Java 1.5 or better. Using JNDI to read NIS data and converts the data to an LDIF file for importing to LDAP.

LDAP Debugger Perl#

A Perl tool for figuring out LDAP client <-> server issues.

LDAP Bulk Attribute Update Tool#

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