U2F device


U2F device is a FIDO Authenticator that supports the Universal Second Factor FIDO protocol

U2F device interface types#

At the moment (2017-04-02) three interface types are specified in FIDO U2F. Unlocking is a test of user physical presence and requires a token-specific gesture, such as pushing a button on a USB device, tapping a U2F device to an NFC-enabled device such as a mobile phone or tablet, or pressing a button on a BLE-enabled token or fob.

The user can use the same FIDO U2F device on all online services that support the U2F device protocol.

Existing FIDO U2F Security Keys are largely compatible with the W3C WebAuthn standard, though W3C WebAuthn added the ability to reference a unique per-account "user handle" identifier, which older hardware tokens are unable to store.

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