UPort is a Decentralized Identity system and is a collection of tools and protocols for building Decentralized system user-centric applications.

UPort is built on open standards and Open Source libraries.

UPort identities can be created and interacted with through UPort clients, including the UPort mobile app. Identities are fully owned and controlled by the creator, and don't rely on centralized third-parties for creation, control or validation.

uport-connect is the client side library that allows you interact with a user's uPort identity through a uPort client, primarily the mobile app. It handles the communication channel between your app and a uPort client, which can vary depending on the environment which your application runs. Over this communication channel you can send requests for a user's data, share credentials, generate transactions to be signed by a user and relay requests you originally created on your server with uport-credentials. This library offers the default quick start implementation to integrate with uPort, but if it doesn't offer exactly what you need, you may be interested in using uport-tranports and uport-credentials instead.

UPort is built on:

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