URI Path


URI Path is part of the URI that if present, may optionally begin with a single forward slash ("/").

URI Path may not begin with two slash characters ("//").

URI Path is a sequence of segments (conceptually similar to directories, though not necessarily representing them) separated by a forward slash ("/"). Historically, each segment was specified to contain parameters separated from it using a semicolon (";"), though this was rarely used in practice and current specifications allow but no longer specify such semantics.

RFC 7320 URI Path #

RFC 7320 states that URI Schemes definitions define the presence, format, and semantics of a URI Path component in URIs; all other specifications MUST NOT constrain, or define the structure or the semantics for any path component.

The only exception to this requirement is registered "well-known" URIs, as specified by RFC 5785. See that document for a description of the applicability of that mechanism.

For example, an application ought not (Should say SHOULD NOT) specify a fixed URI path "/myapp", since this usurps the URI Authorities control of that space.

Specifying a fixed path relative to another (e.g., {whatever}/myapp) is also bad practice (even if "whatever" is discovered as suggested in Section 3); while doing so might prevent collisions, it does not avoid the potential for operational difficulties (for example, an implementation that prefers to use query processing instead, because of implementation constraints).

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