US Outlying Area


US Outlying Area is a United States federal government (US) Unincorporated territories of the United States.

Unincorporated territories of the United States#

Unincorporated territories of the United States is an area controlled by the United States federal government which is not part of (i.e., "incorporated" in) the United States. In unincorporated territories, the United States Constitution applies only partially. In the absence of an organic law, a territory is classified as unorganized. In unincorporated territories, "fundamental rights apply as a matter of law, but other constitutional rights are not available". Selected constitutional provisions apply depending on congressional acts and judicial rulings according to U.S. constitutional practice, local tradition and law.

There are currently 13 unincorporated territories, comprising a land area of approximately 12 thousand square kilometers (4.63 thousand square miles) containing a population of approximately 4 million people; Puerto Rico alone comprises the vast majority of both the total area and total population.

Of the 13 territories, only five are inhabited. These are either organized or self-governing, but unincorporated. These are the US Outlying Areas

There are also nine uninhabited US possessions, of which only Palmyra Atoll is incorporated. (See Territories of the United States, Unorganized territory and insular area.)

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