UTCTime (Deprecated) LDAPSyntaxes is a character string representing a DateTime to a precision of one minute or one second.
UTCTime syntax is deprecated in favor of the Generalized Time syntax. (RFC 4517)

UTCTime has an OID of:

The year is given as a two-digit number. The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this syntax follows the format defined in ASN.1 for the UTCTime type and is described by the following ABNF:

UTCTime = year month day hour minute [ second ]  [ u-time-zone ]
      u-time-zone     = %x5A  ; "Z"
                        / u-differential
      u-differential  = ( MINUS / PLUS ) hour minute
The <year>, <month>, <day>, <hour>, <minute>, <second>, and <MINUS> rules are defined in RFC 4515 Section 3.3.13. The <PLUS> rule is defined in RFC 4512.

The above ABNF allows character strings that do not represent valid dates (in the Gregorian calendar) and/or valid times. Such character strings SHOULD be considered invalid for this syntax.

The time value represents coordinated universal time if the "Z" form of <u-time-zone> is used; otherwise, the value represents a local time. In the latter case, if <u-differential> is provided, then coordinated universal time can be calculated by subtracting the differential from the local time. The <u-time-zone> SHOULD be present in time values, and the "Z" form of <u-time-zone> SHOULD be used in preference to <u-differential>.

The LDAP definition for the UTC Time syntax is:

( DESC 'UTC Time' )

Microsoft Active Directory and UTCTime and GeneralizedTime#

Microsoft Active Directory uses OID to represent both UTCTime and GeneralizedTime.

UTCTime is also a X.500 ASN.1 Data type

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