Unique Value Finder with User Application

Here is a quick example of calling the Unique Value Finder from within the User Application. Done on 3.7.

In this example the desire is to generate a unique value that is prefixed by a "C". (Like C421)

The parameters passed are:

  • attributeForUniqueValue - willekeUcode
  • preFix - "C"
  • startValue - 100
  • maxLength - 6
  • maxTries - 100000
  • counterPad - false
  • useAlpha - false
  • dummy - dummy

This is an example call:

 function getCN() {
    v = Packages.com.willeke.util.uniqueName.UniqueValueFinder.findUniqueValue("CN", "C","100","6","100000","false","false","dummy");
    return v.toString();

User Application 3.7#

We have been informed that the proper places that the jar and the property files can go are:
  • inside the WAR in the WEB-INF/lib folder that is what the documentation says.
  • will also work if you put it in the IDMprov/lib or IDM/lib depending on what is your context for the WAR.
  • We prefer the IDM/lib path because that way you don't need to open the WAR file.

When we last implemented this class we used:

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