United States Cryptography Export-Import Laws


United States Cryptography Export-Import Laws were created with the intention of allowing them to be broken easily by the National Security Agency (NSA), but not by other organizations with lesser computing resources.

However, by the early 2010 it only required about $100.00 in computing equipment to break these Export Ciphers.

The export of cryptography from the United States is the transfer from the United States to another country of devices and technology related to cryptography. Export of cryptographic technology was severely restricted by U.S. law until 1992, but was gradually eased until 2000; some restrictions still remain.[1]

United States Cryptography Export-Import Laws is now part of the Export Administration Regulations and has Export Control Classification Numbers assigned. For correct and updated information on United States Cryptography Export-Import Laws, contact the United States Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is an agency of the United States Department of Commerce that deals with issues involving National Security and high technology.

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