Universal Second Factor Challenges


Universal Second Factor Challenges

Support for Universal Second Factor Challenges#

There is limited Website or other on-line server support for Universal Second Factor Challenges.

Universal Second Factor Security Keys are supported by Google Chrome since version 40 and Opera since version 40. Universal Second Factor security keys can be used as an additional method of two-step verification on online services that support the U2F protocol, including

However, several of these only support is currently only available for the Chrome browser. Universal Second Factor Challenges is not widely supported in general.[3]

Universal Second Factor and Credential Enrollment#

The typical user will not be able or willing to perform Credential Enrollment using Universal Second Factor. The process involves several steps and the steps are not something the typical user would perform. Some of these include:

Backup Codes#

When using any Authentication Factors there need to be a Credential Management method. What we have experienced with Universal Second Factor has been:

The issues with the a set of one-time backup authentication codes is that either the person is unwilling or unable to save the codes in a Secure location or they are unable to obtain access or find them when needed. To store them in a secure place, requires some tool similar to a Password Management Application, which is the kind of thing we are trying to eliminate.

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