Check you Edirectory Version#

IDM2 does NOT run on 8.8.x on Linux, Solaris, or AIX.

You must reinstall IDM3 after moving from eDir 8.7.x to 8.8.x on Linux, Solaris, and AIX even if you had previously installed IDM3. This is for two reasons:

1. The location of all the eDirectory binaries changed from /usr to /opt/novell/eDirectory and IDM must be installed in the same location. Many of the Identity Manager binaries are modules that run inside if eDirectory and must be installed in the nds-modules directory along with the other eDirectory modules. The IDM3 installer detects with version of eDir is installed and relocates it's install to the appropriate location.

2. On Linux, eDirectory 8.7.x is compiled with GCC 2.x and 8.8.x with GCC 3.x. The compilers produce binaries that are not compatible with each other for applications that are written in C++. As such the IDM3 installer must detect which version of eDir is installed and install a different set of packages that contain binaries compiled with the appropriate compiler. (Thank You Father Ramon)