Vector of Trust Request


Vector of Trust Request (vtr) defined in Vectors of Trust and used in OpenID Connect, the client MAY request a partial set of acceptable VoT values with the "vtr" (vector of trust request) claim request as part of the Request Object.

The value of this field is a JSONArray of strings RFC 8259, each string identifying an acceptable set of vector components. The component values within each vector are ANDed together while the separate vectors are ORed together. For example, a list of vectors in the form:
'"P1.Cb.Cc.Ab", "Ce.Ab"' is stating that either the full set of "P1 AND Cb AND Cc AND Ab" simultaneously OR the full set of "Ce AND Ab" simultaneously are acceptable to this Relying Party for this transaction.

Vector of Trust Request values MAY omit components, indicating that any value is acceptable for that component category, including omission of that component in the response vector.

The mechanism by which the IDP processes the "vtr" and maps that to the authentication transaction are out of scope of this specification.

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