Verify Edirectory Config


A Custom Menu Driven Script used for a couple of Clients.

Verify eDirectory Configuration#

Many Novell provided updates and patches will overwrite key configuration files, returning our custom configuration settings to factory defaults, and overwriting file permissions. When these types of changes are deployed, the options described in this section will restore the configuration and file permissions to the standard.

Should Always be used Following#

The steps described here are typically executed at the completion of any Creating a New Tree, Installing to an Existing Tree, or Upgading a Server processes. Updated configuration settings and/or script updates may be made available to address production issues,
  • Set various customised fetures for startup and maintence
  • Copies scripts to appropriate locations

Does NOT Modify NDS structure or DIT

Items Performed#

  • Adds customized /etc/init.d/nds and adds to system startup
  • Copies version mrker file
  • Copies ndsenv files to /var/nds/
  • Fixes symbolic link on Linux
  • Checks/updates startup files for NDS
  • Tunes TCP based on Novell recommendations and adds to system startup (see ../config/ndsnddconfig.sh)
  • Tunes /etc/system based on Novell recommendation (Solaris only)(see ../config/system.stub)
  • adds Custom scripts
  • Tunes /etc/nds.conf (increases default threads)
  • Tunes eDirectory cache (/var/nds/dib/_ndsdb.ini) based on system RAM NOTE: You will be prompted to accept these settings. If this is a small LAB server, consider the settings carefully as they are configured for production servers. (If you do not affirm, they are set to defaults)
    • Block cache should be roughly the same size as the DIB
    • Entry cache should be 2-4 times the DIB size
    • If total cache is more than double DIB size (1048576000 bytes),
    • allocate extra to entry cache
  • Add standard settings to iMonitor configuration, if not already present
  • Update /var/nds/.ndsenv.bash to support 8.7.x, if needed
  • Disable SLP: stop slpuasa, and remove from startup
  • Copy/update PERL Base64 library to /var/nds/MIME
  • Install/update NMAS (prompt – you only need to run this step once per tree)
  • Install/update Java JRE used by DirXML
  • Install/update custom JARs used by DirXML
  • Create /var/nds/dxml for logs by custom DirXML drivers, if not already present
  • Check for correct version of NDSdxevnt for DirXML (may be broken by 8.7.x install/upgrade); if this fix is needed, you will be prompted (requires ndsd restart)

As the script proceeds, it will report what actions it did or did not take.

NOTE: This operation is important any time binary packages are installed or upgraded, as any overwritten files will revert to root-only permissions. This makes support as a non-root user more difficult (or impossible for some functions).

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