Verinym is a Decentralized Identifier (DID) used on Hyperledger Indy that is used as for Identification role of Trust Anchor on the Hyperledger Indy.

Verinym Example#

After an Indy Steward onboards Government Entity, the Government Entity will create another new DID (signing key, a verkey and a DID). As now Indy Steward has a communication to Government Entity (through that Pairwise Pseudonymous Identifier DID), Government Entity passes this new set of DID and verkey to Indy Steward. Indy Steward will record the DID and verkey to the Hyperledger Indy, and set the role Trust Anchor.

From now on, Government is fully functioning. Government now has a DID representing her own, and this DID has a Trust Anchor role.

Indy Steward keeps doing the same onboarding actor and “giving a Verinym” to each actor and then these actors have the same capability to act on the ledger.

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