Virtual Attribute

Overview #

A Virtual Attribute (aka "Pseudo Attribute", "Constructed Attribute" or "Back-link" where the value is calculated by the LDAP Server Implementation and is not Actually part of the LDAP Entry.

A Virtual Attribute is a type of AttributeTypes in which the Attribute Value are not actually stored in the Back-end but are rather dynamically generated in some manner.

Virtual Attributes may or may NOT be part of the entry's defined ObjectClass Type and sometimes any ObjectClass Type.

The values may be obtained in various manners, depending on the type of Virtual Attribute.

Some Virtual Attribute use a hard-coded value, while others compute their values at runtime based on some kind of logic.

Microsoft Active Directory uses the term "back-link" (means the same as Virtual Attribute) in regards to MemberOf attribute.

Some Well Know Virtual Attribute#

Virtual Attributes are ALWAYS dependent on the LDAP Server Implementation

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