Virtual Integrated Network Service


Virtual Integrated Network Service (VINES) was ad a network Operating System developed by Banyan Systems for computers running AT&T's UNIX System V.

Virtual Integrated Network Service is an acronym for Virtual Integrated Network Service. Like Novell INC NetWare, Virtual Integrated Network Service's network services were based on the archetypal Xerox Network Systems (XNS) stack.

James Allchin, who later worked as Group Vice President for Platforms at Microsoft until his retirement on January 30, 2007, was the chief architect of Banyan VINES.

Virtual Integrated Network Service provided the standard file and print services, as well as the unique StreetTalk, likely the first truly practical globally consistent name-service for an entire internetwork. Using a globally distributed, partially replicated database, StreetTalk could meld multiple widely separated networks into a single network that allowed seamless resource-sharing. It accomplished this through its rigidly hierarchical naming-scheme; entries in the directory always had the form item@group@organization. This applied to user accounts as well as to resources like printers and file servers.

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