WEB Agents WAM


WEB Agents are programs that are installed on every WEB/application server, register with those servers, and are called at every request for a web page.

Typically, WEB Agents WAM are used in regards to a WEB Access Management product.

The WEB Agent intercept the request and communicate with an external policy server to make policy decisions.

Advantages of WEB Agents WAM#

  • they can be highly customized for unique needs of a particular web server.
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Drawbacks of WEB Agents WAM#

  • Installation are required on every protected web server
  • Agents are typically different for every platform (and potentially for every version)
    • Need to have an WEB Agents WAM for all required Platforms (and potentially for every version)
  • upgrades to agents must be distributed and compatible with every platform (and potentially for every version)

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