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Forget Firewalls - Enterprise Data is your New Perimeter[1]#

One of the biggest challenges modern enterprises are facing is the evolution toward connected businesses. To survive in this fiercely competitive environment, businesses strive to be as agile as possible, to continuously adopt new business models and to open up new communication channels with their partners and customers. Thanks to rapidly growing adoption of cloud and mobile computing, enterprises are becoming more and more interconnected, and the notion of a security perimeter has almost ceased to exist.

Since you can NOT protect your infrastructure, you must protect your data.

  • Information must be self describing and defending
  • Policies and controls must account for business context
  • Information must be protected as it moves from structured to unstructured, in and out of applications, and changing business contexts
  • Policies must work consistently through the different layers of technologies we implement.

The process has been termed as Information Rights Management and you involves the following:

  • Data Discovery - You must know where your data exists - You can not protect what you do not know.
  • Data Classification - Not all data is created equal and every organization has its own data taxonomy
  • Data Visibility - You need to know who is using your data at anytime, inside and outside of your network.
  • Data Protection - All sensitive data must be Encrypted Data At Rest, Data In Transit, Data In Process In the Wild
  • Data Security Analytics - You must be able to make data decisions in real time if a data breach is detected.

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