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Things from today#

  • Credential Service Provider
  • Attribute Provider (AP) - Manages and provides assertions of identity attributes to other relying and federated parties.
  • Attribute Provider Statement (APS) - A document that captures the security, privacy, data protection, and attribute management practices of a given attribute provider or party acting as an attribute provider for a given set of transactions.
  • Attribute Value Metadata (AVM) - Data describing an asserted value for an associated attribute.
  • Authorization - The decision to permit or deny a subject access to resources (e.g., network, data, application, services) based on the evaluation of access control policies.
  • Credential Service Provider (CSP) - An entity that issues digital credentials to subjects and issues or registers authenticators for subjects’ use. A CSP may be an independent third party, or may issue credentials for its own use. A CSP may provide and verify attributes or may include attributes provided or verified by other entities.
  • Federation - A process that allows for the conveyance of identity attributes and authentication information across a set of networked systems.
  • Identity Provider (IDP) - A CSP in a federation that manages the subject’s primary authentication credentials and issues assertions derived from those credentials.
  • Metadata - Structured information that describes, explains, locates, or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use, or manage an information resource. Metadata is often called data about information or information about information.
  • Relying Party (RP) - An entity that relies upon a subject’s authenticator(s) and credentials or an IDP’s assertion of a subject’s identity, typically to process a transaction or to grant access to information or a system.

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