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Ran Across Today#

If someone can gain control of a device, they can read the messages without needing decryption compromising endpoints – both smartphones and personal computers – is getting easier all the time by the use of spyware

Suppose a organizational Entity or government Entity (EvilRegime) wants to spy on you and everyone you communicate with. To protect yourself, you’ve installed an end-to-end Encryption tool, such as Signal, for messaging. This makes eavesdropping – even with a court’s permission – that much more difficult for EvilRegime.

But what if EvilRegime tricks you into installing spyware on your device? For example, they could swap out a legitimate upgrade of your favorite game, "ClashBirds", with a compromised version. Or, EvilRegime could use a malware "network investigative technique" as a backdoor into your machine. With control of your endpoint, EvilRegime can read your messages as you type them, even before they are encrypted.

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