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Where to Store Photos#

I have accumulated more than 50k photos and more than 2 GB of video files.

Some of these media files will never be shared, but at any given moment there have been times when I needed to share them with a select group of My Contacts and or to share them with any of the Social Network sites.

There are several constraints I have for any online storage:

  • Storage - cost to store this amount of data online is usually prohibitive
  • Sharing - Some of these photos are not in the public domain and so copyright And Intellectual Property Rights must be retained by Resource Owner
  • Must be able to detect an existing Media File Exist and be able to make copy or replace the file
    • Google is terrible at this. I have never been able to find a method to stop creating dupicates. Heck, I do not even know how it happens.

More Information#

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