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Minimum Viable Platform[1]#

Steffen Hedebrandt also talks about the idea of the Minimum Viable Platform. Hedebrandt defines this, in its most basic terms, as something that connects producers with consumers through value/interaction.

Here’s a little more on what Hedebrandt means when he talks about the idea of a business as a platform:

"Apple and Google have created these app stores where you can share whatever you build with people, rather than having this example of where you buy raw materials, create something, put it in a shop and hope that it sells."

Some other Examples:

  • airbnb
  • uber
  • youTube

Log Everything#

In a recent meeting we were asked to participate in a new Logging POC. The discussion went something like:
  • I asked what was being logged?
  • the response was everything
  • I elaborated, is this for Auditing or Metrics?
  • the response was everything
My conclusion, they have no idea what they want to accomplish. Seems like I see more and more of this type of thing happening within large corporations. Apparently some area has a bunch of money and they need to make an impact so they try everything instead of defining what the use cases are and then finding a solution.

Auditing Monitoring Metrics Logging#


What questions can Metrics answer?
  • How many users are on my Site?
  • How slow is the PayPal API?

Generally, metrics some in various categories:

  • Business Metrics - How many widgets we sold, were returned etc.
  • Application Metrics -
  • System Metrics - How much disk space is in use, what is the CPU load?

Measure->Collect & Sample->Store->Query & Graph

Metric Processes#

  • Dashboards
  • Complex Alert Processing (CEP)
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Alerting

Type of Metric Tools#

  • Gauges - Measures a value
  • Counters - Increment or Decrement integers
  • Meters - Measure the rate at which a set of events occur
  • Histograms - Measures the Distribution of values
  • Timers - A timer is a histogram over a duration

More Information#

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