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Before you go off thinking that this Cloud Service Provider is best, remember your Cloud computing objective. All of these mentioned have some capabilities in most of the same areas, but what do you need from a Cloud Service Provider? Most Organizational Entity use more than one Cloud Service Provider based on the many different Cloud Services Models that are required.

Generally, this is a good break down on the Cloud Service Providers:

Google and Microsoft keep blending different businesses together to come up with a total cloud number. Should Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's G-Suite be included in Cloud Service Provider numbers?

GCP chief Diane Greene lamented that people have been "grossly underestimating" GCP's revenue, suggesting that this was the reason the company finally put a number on its cloud business: $1 billion each quarter.

Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS)#

Cloud Service Providers Encryption Data At Rest#

Cloud Service Provider Products#

Biggest Cloud Service Provider?#

Well how would you like to measure them?

From a pure sales standpoint AWS is bigger than the next two. Google and Azure
Azure shows fast growing numbers but most of that is from their Office Products.
Size? We do not know. Google is very secretive on their sales and customer list. As an example, Apple only recently revealed that they used Google Cloud Platform for their iCloud Data Store. This, sort of, implies that perhaps most(?) IOS and Android Apps may store their data on Google Cloud Storage.

It is presumed Google probably has more active capacity than the others. (Other rumors on NSA and several other acronym-Government Entity may also)

Cloud Identity Providers#

Ldapwiki is trying to determine if these are any different than Social Login?

Be sure to read Legitimacy of Social Login

OpenID Connect Federation#

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