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Trust Is Now Business Currency#

In 2016, we predicted that cybersecurity would be a major issue in the presidential election and that an executive would step down due to a breach. Both came true. And it will get worse. Targeted espionage, ransomware, denial of service, privacy breaches, and more will escalate in 2017. The impact of those events will be significant:
  • A Fortune 1000 company will fail because of a cyber breach.
  • Health Care breaches will become as common as retail breaches.
  • More than 500,000 internet of Things devices will be compromised.
  • Within 100 days, the new US president will face a major cyber crisis.
  • National Security risks will drive agencies to expand surveillance technologies, creating legal and ethical conflicts between governments and people.
Your customers are more aware of, wary of, and frustrated with security and privacy risk, and you will increasingly gain or lose affinity based on how much they trust your company.

The Next Technology Revolution Technology has already changed the world: the way people live, the power customers have, and how businesses operate. The pace of innovation can be dizzying. The next wave of technologies is poised to remake industries and customer experiences. These technologies will come in three forms:

  • Engagement technologies that will create profoundly different virtual, physical, and digital experiences that are harmonized across journeys.
  • Insights technologies that will convert the promise of personalization and predictive analytics into reality and be able to operate at the micro level at scale.
• Supporting technologies that will drive new levels of speed and efficiency and underpin this next technology revolution.

Future Prediction#

Key technologies that will reshape how businesses operate and interact with customers

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