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Thinking About Today#

Passwords Are Broken

The Problem#

Organizational Entity of all sizes are struggling with Data Privacy regulations.

The increasingly sophisticated fraud where 40% involved passwords and eCommerce merchants currently lose between 1-5% of revenue to fraud.

and the risk of losing customers through a frustrating on-boarding experience. They need a new identity solution that is secure, efficient and convenient for customers to use.

Of the 126,305 fraud and deception offences recorded by Australian police agencies in 2013/14, 40 per cent (almost 50,000 cases) involved identity crime.

1 And as online and other forms of card-not-present commerce grow, so does the opportunity for fraud.2 eCommerce merchants currently lose between 1 and 5 per cent of revenue to fraud.3 Across all sectors, compromised security contributes to $2.4billion in fraud every year.4

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