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Thinking About Today[1]#

"a decentralized view of authority" is a viewpoint expressed by Whitfield Diffie which he believed By creating the proper cryptographic tools, he felt, you could solve the problem— by transferring the Data Protection from a disinterested Third-party to the actual user, the one whose privacy was actually at risk. He fantasized about a company that would invent and implement such tools. He even had a name for this imaginary concern: Privacy Protection, Incorporated.


Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard - Space Gray[2]#

Bought this 2018-03-11. What I like:
  • fells ok
  • extended keyboard (Number, home and arrow keys)
  • Wireless and it works.
  • Works over Bluetooth with upto 4 machines (albeit not at same time)

What I do not like:

  • Letter embossing wears off and Some keys become shiny with use
  • Without know the secret code of the blinking CAPS Lock lights, do not know if it is turned on or charging or off.
  • Charge does not last as long as some folks implies. I can NOT go for more than a week or two.

More Information#

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