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Ran Across Today#

So end-users have continued to lap up messaging applications and tools at unprecedented rates, but they become ever-more siloed and fragmented as user bases. Over-the-top messaging apps have each developed their own dedicated communities, but they are still islands in a large connected sea.

Consumers may like their rich functionality but they remain limited and reliant on friend, family and work contacts all utilizing the same downloaded app. This also implies that only Mobile Network Operators with IP network coverage are able to give end-users full continuity of coverage and a seamless user experience across multiple networks.

WHAT IS Messaging as a Platform (MaaP)? To most users messaging is just an ‘app’ – a program on their phones they use to keep in touch. Advanced Messaging will change that though – messaging is now becoming a ‘platform’ on which applications will be built to deliver whole new levels of interaction and experience.

This is where SMS is headed.

End-users simply want all the services they need as quickly and conveniently as possible, and MaaP lets operators deliver that. If you want to book a taxi, a flight or look up train times for example, you will not need to download a specific new app – just hit your messenger. MaaP removes that barrier of another app to download and connects suppliers directly to consumers.

Messaging as a Platform will give operators all new possibilities for developing and implementing innovative services, and most importantly, for generating new revenues.

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