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Internet Of Things And the Numbers#

Speaking with a developer that had been working with a Manufacturing Company working with farm planters. He was saying that the company wanted to track:
  • When each seed that was planted
  • How much fertilizer was put on each seed

This then implies, that each seed might need a Digital Identity for each seed.

So I was wondering, in the world of Internet Of Things, just what numbers are we talking about?

If you use 30" rows and 5.5" spacing, there would 30,700/seed per acre. The US alone plated 90,000,000 acres of corn in 2015.

So when we do those calculations, we came up with 20,700 * 90,000,000 = 2,763,000,000,000 or two trillion seven hundred sixty-three billion identities in the US alone each year.

As there are currently only 7,408,433,000 (7.4 Billion as of 2016-03-14) people in the world, we get some ideas as to the scale of the Internet Of Things.

John Deere collects and shares data collected by 200,000 telematically-enabled machines to provide growers with timely and accurate data for optimal growing conditions.

A Tractor and a planter consists of:

  • Tractor has 20 CPUs and 6 million lines of code.
  • A 24 row planter 77 cpus, 7 million lines of code and

Each seed 1.5 deep and 5" apart with 3.3 cm accuracy at at 10 mph

Each planter row plants 80 seeds / second (24 rows * 80 seeds/ser = 1,920 seed/sec per platner)

Even if they are not all identities, it is a lot of data. And there will identities for some level along the way:

  • Each tractor?
  • Each Application?
  • Each user that accesses the data?

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