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The Internet of Things Will Expand Connected Life Despite Concerns About Vulnerabilities, Risks and Infringements of Civil Liberties[1]#

Among the key themes emerging from 1,201 respondents' answers were:
  • People crave connection, it's human to connect; it is magical, even addictive.
  • As life increases in complexity, convenience is the default setting for most people.
  • The always-on younger generation can't imagine being anything but connected.
  • Resistance is futile: Businesses will punish those who disconnect and social processes reward those who connect.
  • Fully withdrawing is difficult; maybe impossible.
  • You can't avoid using something you can't discern; so much of the IoT operates out of sight that people will not be able to unplug completely.
  • Risk is part of life; the IoT will be accepted despite dangers because most people believe the worst-case scenario won't happen to them.
  • More people will be connected and more will withdraw or refuse to participate.
  • Some will opt out.
  • The IoT isn't that grand, so why worry either way?
  • Effective regulatory and technology-based remedies will emerge to reduce threats.
  • Governments should be doing more to regulate negligent companies, punish bad actors.
  • Lack of trust and safety and privacy issues will move those with fears to withdraw from the IoT.
  • "TMI" and less-than-stellar performance from complex technology systems will drive dropouts.
  • The dangers are real, whether or not people choose to disconnect; threats are likely to turn into attacks and other acts, possibly some violent.
  • Security and privacy issues are magnified by the rapid rise of the IoT.
  • IoT security concerns endanger civil liberties.

Doc Searls - "The only way to fully reduce vulnerability to surveillance and other forms of Bad Acting is to give individuals full control over the things in their lives. Today we are only beginning to evolve toward that end state; but the demand will be there, which is why there will be a business in it, and it will come to pass"

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