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Parameters, Attributes, Claims#

In RFCs there are many terms without universal understandings.

Parameters, Attributes, Claims are often used terms in RFCs and often used interchangeably.

Looking at RFC 7519 which uses Parameters within JOSE Headers (Section 5) and "Header Parameter Names Registration" (Section 10.4) and then uses "Claims" in "JWT Claims" (Section 4) and "JSON Web Token Claims Registry" (Section 10.1).

Then in "Replicating Claims as Header Parameters" (section 5.3) "...allows claims present in the JWT Claims Set to be replicated as Header Parameters..". So what is the difference in "Claims" and "Parameters"?

And then to be make RFCs even harder to comprehend, in Security Event Token (SET) draft-hunt-idevent-token-03 we add "Attributes". Where they state: "The following are attributes that are based on RFC 7519 claim definitions and are profiled for use in an event token".

So is there any difference in Parameter, Attributes, Claims

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