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RFC 5805#

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Which LDAP servers have support LDAP transactions as defined in RFC 5805?"#

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Some answers:

UnboundID #

The UnboundID Directory Server has full support for LDAP transactions as described in RFC 5805. These transactions are also supported through the UnboundID Directory Proxy Server in configurations in which all backend servers have identical sets of data, as well as support for transactions in certain entry-balanced configurations (where the data may be split up into multiple non-identical sets.

In addition, the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java includes a simple in-memory directory server that is primarily intended for application development and testing purposes rather than any kind of production use. This in-memory directory server also provides full support for LDAP transactions.


Howard Chu: It's currently in OpenLDAP's git repo and support will be in release 2.5.

Is (it) RFC 5805 used with any particular use-cases?#

Howard Chu: The main driver this time around was supporting Samba 4. A lot of the Microsoft AD-related attributes require referential integrity to be maintained atomically.


OID claimes support for RFC 5805 http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/admin.1111/e10029/rfcs.htm

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