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"aging society” in the US — where the proportion of the population over 65 is greater than the proportion under age 15 — and that the effects of the low birthrate “will reverberate for years to come."[1]

The replacement fertility rate of 2.1 — enough to renew the population — is typically viewed as the optimal level for stability. But in 2017, the total fertility rate, or number of births each woman is expected to have in her childbearing years, dropped to 1.76 in the United States.

"To put this in perspective, the total fertility rate hovered above 3.0 in the early 20th century, declined to replacement levels of about 2.1 in the 1940s; reached a peak of 3.7 in the post-World War II baby boom; and then declined rapidly to relatively stable low levels in the 1970s,"

Italy, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France and the United States all have birth rates under the replacement fertility rate.

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