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Working with U2F and Yubico#

Purchased a FIDO U2F Security Key
  • ASIN: B00NLKA0D8
  • Item model number: Y-123

The Yubico Demo Site requires a Chrome Extension to operate. The Extension allows the

Registered at Yubico Demo Site demo site that allows testing of the device:

  • enter userID/Password
  • touch U2F device
  • Registration Successful

Login at Yubico Demo Site:

  • enter userID/Password
  • touch U2F device
  • Authentication Successful

The site will allow you to register the same userID as an existing userID which overwrites the data. So if you password does not work, you will need to re-register your device.

Windows and OS X#

I tested on OS X and Windows:
  • OS X Yosemite running Chrome Version 40.0.2194.2 dev (64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Professional running Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104 m (64-bit)


Then went to try the mobile App. Downloaded App:
  • enter userID/Password
  • touch U2F device
  • Nothing happened

Turns out, if you want to use mobile devices, you need the Yubico NEO:

  • ASIN: B00LX8KZZ8
  • Item model number: Y-072

AND you need NFC

I ordered the Yubico NEO and will report back when I get it.

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