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InComm's drive to bring open-loop prepaid to Mobile-Digital Wallets[1]#

In June, Pew Charitable Trusts estimated that some 23 million adults use general purpose reloadable prepaid cards in the U.S. on a regular basis.

InComm, one of the leading prepaid program providers worldwide, sees an opportunity in that number to entice more consumers — particularly the financially underserved and millennials — to use mobile payments at a time when more contactless terminals are present in U.S. storefronts thanks to the current EMV shift underway nationwide.

To accomplish this, InComm has partnered with Gemalto to use the digital security company's Allynis Trusted Services Hub to digitize its open-loop prepaid card offerings so that consumers can add them to select mobile wallets. Gemalto last year introduced Allynis as a way to help banks, transportation companies and other financial services providers make the right connections with mobile network operators and original equipment manufacturers to access the coveted secure element on NFC-enabled smartphones.

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