Web Services Resource Framework


Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) provides a set of operations thatWeb Services can use to implement stateful interaction; Web Service clients communicate with resource services which allow data to be stored and retrieved.

When clients talk to the Web Service they include the identifier of the specific resource that should be used inside the request, encapsulated within the WS-Addressing endpoint reference. This may be a simple URI address, or it may be complex XML content that helps identify or even fully describe the specific resource in question.

Alongside the notion of an explicit resource reference comes a standardized set of Web Service operations to get/set resource properties. These can be used to read and perhaps write resource state, in a manner somewhat similar to having member variables of an object alongside its methods. The primary beneficiary of such a model are management tools, which can enumerate and view resources, even if they have no other knowledge of them. This is the basis for Web Services Distributed Management.

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