WebFinger is a protocol Discovery Mechanism specified by RFC 7033 that allows for discovery of information about Entities identified by a URI using standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP methods over a secure transport.[1]

Information about a person might be discovered via an "acct:" URI, for example, which is a URI that looks like an email address.

A WebFinger resource returns a JSON Resource Descriptor (JRD) describing the entity that is queried.

WebFinger is specified as the discovery protocol for OpenID Connect.

WebFinger is a Well-known URI#

WebFinger has a suffix of "webfinger" registered as a Well-Known URI

A WebFinger resource returns a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) object describing the entity that is queried. The JSON Object is referred to as the JSON Resource Descriptor (JRD).

Example OpenID Provider Issuer Discovery [2]#

OpenID Provider Issuer Discovery uses WebFinger

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