What To Do About Passwords


Password Authentication is known to have many vulnerabilities but do we have any real alternatives?

What is Wrong with Passwords#

Password Management#

Password Management is typically the methodology implemented in large organizations to deal with password issues.

Password Management Methodologies shows an overview of password management methods.

Password Statistics shows some details on how bad password usage.

Password Strength shows some tips on making passwords difficult to hack.

We believe that OpenID Connect (yes using Passwords) AND with a Multi-Factor Authentication and or a Multiple-channel Authentication is the best Authentication Method available today (2016-07-23)

Do away with Passwords (Stated in 2006 by jim)#

The experts will continually tell you to do away with passwords and Password-based Authentication Methods.

Passwords are a secret that users use time and time again. This secret if discovered by someone else, then the users identity is stolen.

No way to know if the password has been stolen until it is used against you.

What are the alternatives?#

There are three basic alternatives to passwords available.

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