Why OAuth 2.0


A gathering of why OAuth 2.0 and the related Protocols OpenID Connect and User-Managed Access are the way forward for Authentication and Authorization/Delegation for WEB Single Sign-On.

First some opinions, OAuth 2.0 is a basic framework that only meets the basic Delegation/Authorization requirements. We would not consider OAuth 2.0 adequate as for WEB Single Sign-On solution

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OpenID Connect Leverages other emerging technologies#

The summary:

User-Managed Access#

Broad Usage#

OpenID Connect specifications are open, public and include extensibility. This along with Broad Usage provides an Delegation/Authorization/Authentication framework that is extremely well tested and flexible.

As another example of the activity for OpenID Connect, subsribe to the OpenID Connect Tag at StackoverFlow

Some of the MAJOR entities using OpenID Connect:

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