WorkOrder Driver

A quick overview for those new to this driver.

The WorkOrder Driver processes DirXML-WorkOrder Objects when the DirXML-DueDate is reached or past into DirXML-WorkToDo Objects.

Read the above statement again.

That is all the complete driver functionality.

Novell Documentation on WorkOrder Driver

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Publisher Placement Rule#

The Publisher Placement rule determines where the work orders are placed in the Identity Vault after they are processed. (ie into DirXML-WorkToDo Objects)

The containers might be the same or different, depending on how you choose to set up your customized driver. For example, you could have work orders stored in containers depending on the returned status, such as configured, error, warning, or on hold.

Subscriber Placement Rule#

The Subscriber Placement rule determines the container that work orders are created in and where the WorkOrder driver will query to process the DirXML-WorkOrder Objects

Best Practices#

Appears that using the WorkOrder Driver as it is ou-of-the-box and creating WorkOrder Object and Processing WorkToDo objects being done in other drivers.

Examples of WorkOrder Drivers#

Delete users In 150 Days#