X-NDS_ACL_TEMPLATES is an Extended Flags and one of the EDirectory Extended LDAP Flags

Every object in the NDS tree has an ACL (eDirectory Attribute). This attribute holds information about which trustees have access to the object itself (entry rights) and which trustees have access to the attributes for the object. This information is stored in sets of information containing the following:

ACL templates helps us in defining ACLs for specific classes in the base schema and provide a minimum amount of access security for newly created objects.

This flag was added in eDirectory

Modifying X-NDS_ACL_TEMPLATES [2][3]#

You can disable the X-NDS_ACL_TEMPLATES to increase the bulkload performance. The implication of this is that some of the ACL (eDirectory Attribute) will be missing. However, you can resolve this by adding the required ACL (eDirectory Attribute) to the LDIF file or applying them later.

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